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Discover Almería

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

A large Natural Park that has not suffered the slightest environmental degradation with wild cliffs with breathtaking views, natural or urban beaches and spectacular coves that are in unbeatable environmental conditions. It has a landscape of great geological variety as a result of volcanism with lava flows, domes and fossil beaches.

Tabernas Desert

It is considered the only desert area in the whole of Europe. It is characterised by a series of gullies crossed by real wados (torrential rivers in deserts) that only carry water, mud and stones during the floods. In addition to its scenic and geological interest, it is also of great botanical and faunal value, as it contains species that are distinguished by their rarity.

Calar Alto Observatory

The Calar Alto Observatory is the largest astronomical observatory on the European continent. It is located on Calar Alto, a 2168m high plateau in the Sierra de Filabres. Calar Alto is divided into several modules and domes, and has three telescopes with apertures of 1.23m, 2.2m and 3.5m available to the general community. Scientists from all over the world spend time there observing and investigating the cosmos and have made several important discoveries.

Pulpí Geode

The Pulpí Geode is a giant geode covered with huge crystals of selenite, a transparent variety of gypsum, some of which measure almost two metres. It occupies a hollow volume of 10.7 m³ (8 m long by 1.8 m wide by 1.7 m high) and is located at a depth of 60 m in the Mina Rica. It is the second largest geode in the world (after Naica) and the largest in Europe, being the only one in the world that can be visited without special equipment. Its transparency and state of conservation make it a jewel of nature.

The Alcazaba in Almería City

The Alcazaba, castle and walls of the Cerro de San Cristóbal is one of the most important Andalusian monumental and archaeological sites on the Iberian Peninsula. The Alcazaba is a solid and extensive fortress with high walls forming an enclosure closed in on itself, within a more complex unit, such as the fortification of the city, in which the ravine of La Hoya and the hill of San Cristóbal maintain a direct connection with the Alcazaba, both physically and visually, creating a complex of extraordinary magnitude.

Alboran Golf Course

Built in the heart of the Bay of Almeria, the course occupies the central part of the El Toyo complex. It has 18 holes and par 72, on a practically flat course, with very wide greens and characteristic vegetation of the area (palm trees, olive trees, pitas, pines, etc.). The course has two lakes and numerous sand bunkers strategically distributed along its 6,267 metres.